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What’s old is new in the kitchen and laundry appliance industry. Kitchen Tapestry is a  weekly blog dedicated to kitchen appliances, kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovation, and the home laundry industry. Look for quick tips, industry experts, book reviews, design challenges and solutions, favorite recipes, and ways to unwind in and around the kitchen.

We are looking for new and established bloggers, columnists, and industry experts to pen weekly, biweekly, or monthly content.

Our focus is on articles of interest to new and established renters and homeowners who spend considerable time in their kitchen and laundry room, stay-at-home parents seeking quick tips, and the DIY population who enjoy remodeling and renovating.

Our readers are sophisticated kitchen and laundry appliance connoisseurs, knowledgeable about green living, and expect a level of writing that’s concise and informative.

Quick Tips

Ready, Set, Go! What time saving kitchen and laundry tips, tools, and tricks can you offer to make life easier in under an hour? Is there a better way to defrost a freezer other than the traditional of setting the refrigerator to defrost? Do you know a great way reorganize kitchen or laundry room cupboards so that everything is within reach for the entire family?

Typical length 250-500 words.

Favorite Recipes

Why do we hold onto family recipes and pass them along to subsequent generations? Is it out of tradition, pride, or passing the gauntlet? Is there an award-winning recipe for rice or banana pudding you’re waiting to share with the world? Do you have great recipes for family meals in half the time the preparation time? Are there family recipes that you’ve updated that are healthier with substitute ingredients?

Relax. Rewind. Renew.

How do you relax during the day or evening in the kitchen? Do you have a favorite corner in your kitchen or adjacent dining room that you escape to and rewind? How do you renew your mind and soul after a long day working at the office or being a stay-at-home parent?

We’re looking for innovative, quirky, and thoughtful first-person essays on how to relax, rewind, and renew one’s mind and spirit in and around the kitchen. Is your renovated laundry room a sanctuary where you read in a comfortable chair?

Typical length 750-1000 words.

Tapestry Says

We’re looking for kitchen and laundry appliance gurus or burgeoning gurus with an established or growing audience. What do you know that no one else does when it comes to the kitchen or laundry room? What’s the best refrigerator, oven, microwave for different budgets? Is there a better way to do laundry, iron clothes, or setup and cater a party? We are also open to interviews with industry experts and personalities.

Typical length 500 – 750 words.

Product Reviews

Products which are interest to our readers range from very specific items, such as induction cookware, laundry detergent, household cleansers, to more general interest products such as irons, laundry baskets, and dinner flatware and napkins.  We are looking for valuable information and reviews. Product reviews should focus on practical use.

Typical length 250-500 words.

Book Reviews

Have you read a good book lately on kitchen innovation/laundry/family living/green living? Send us your previously unpublished book reviews and recommendations.

Typical length 250-500 words.


We encourage digital photos when possible, but they are not mandatory for publication.

We seek writers with an engaging voice, tone, and style. All pitches, queries, and submissions will be carefully read. Potential contributors can expect a thorough reading of all material, even though the editor may not be able to send detailed comments.

Submission Format

All submissions should be double-spaced with 1″ margins, in a 12-point New Courier or Courier font. Please e-mail submissions as an attachment as either a “Word Document” or a “Rich Text Format” file to

Style Guides/References

For all questions on style, please refer The Chicago Manual of Style. For all questions on formatting and punctuation, please refer to The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, “AP Stylebook”.

Kitchen Tapestry seeks first North American rights for ninety days, after which, rights revert back to the author.


Payment is available for accepted submissions two weeks after publication. Kitchen Tapestry does not guarantee a kill fee, or payment, if any, of any kind, should an article not be published. However, we will be reasonable and state our reasons for such a decision not to publish an accepted article.


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